Winston Hills BJP Physie

Welcome to Winston Hills Physical Culture Club!


 Bjelke-Petersen School Of Physical Culture

At Winston Hills, we like to think of ourselves as being a big family. We pride ourselves by being a close knit friendly club, that care and love for each other.

We are again lucky enough to be supported and sponsored by

Northmead Bowling Club !

By joining BJP Physical Culture or ”Physie”, you have just decided to improve your fitness, flexibility and posture, learn the relationship between music and movement, and participate in a sport that started  in Australia 125 years ago. It is not only a wonderful sport and fantastic way to keep fit, but also a fabulous way to meet lifelong friends and compete at a local and national level. Physical Culture is a marvellous way to develop healthy minds and bodies whilst forming friendships that last a lifetime.

Most of all, Bjelke-Petersen Physical Culture is a lot of fun!